Spring Mowing


It’s time to open the cabin for the season.
Each spring I wonder what new surprises I will find.

Thankfully this year there were no broken water pipes. The furnace worked and none of the trees were blown down.
One guarantee is the large number of sticks and twigs all over the yard.
Over the winter there must have been high winds, as there were a few tree limbs down and I found some shingles that were torn off the roof.

Thanks to Ernie and Bill for your help. The first lawn mowing of the season is always a slow process as we remove all the tree debris from the yard. The burning barrel was filled at least 4 times with our cleanup efforts.

Sunday morning I woke early and hurried to finish the mowing before it rained. As I pushed the mower across the hill that slopes down to the lake, my mind wandered back to other times. Back to when Grandma and Andy were here and Debie Katz and her dog, Charlie, were visiting.

Debbie and I had lain on this very same hill one night, the grass tickling our necks as we looked at the stars. I showed her a satellite as it sped by in the sky. She’d never seen one before. The next day we were out on the lawn. Her sheltie was in desperate need of a good brushing. As we groomed him, his white hair drifted across the yard. I wasn’t worried about it. I thought the soft fur would make a nice nesting material for birds. Andy was bothered by the ‘mess’ and just had to rake up. It was a beautiful sunny day, wonderful times with friends and family.
They have all passed on now. Gone but not forgotten.

The humidity increased as I pushed the mower through the steepest part of the hill. Salty drops ran down my face, a mixture of sweat and tears.

Each spring when I open the cabin I wonder with I will find.
I’m guaranteed to find twigs and memories.

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