Cabin Country Birding

Yellow-Throated Vireo. Image credit Matthew Studebaker

I opened the door this morning to the sound of a loon across the lake.

Sitting here at the kitchen table, I saw a robin pouncing on bugs in the grass. Another bird followed nearby. For every hop and pounce, the other bird would follow. After a few moments, I realized that this was a juvenile, her baby. Fully fledged and able to fly, the baby was still looking to Mom to feed it. Mom would grab a bug and eat it. About every third bug, she’d either feed her baby, or grab it and then leave it sitting in the grass for her baby to eat. Hint, hint, this is how you find food to feed yourself.
From Wikipedia, I learned that robins have two to three clutches each season. Our new baby needs to learn to feed itself fast, as Mom will soon be off to a new nest and eggs to tend.

Last weekend the trees were filled with birdsong and chittering. I managed to get a glimpse of the birds. Using the internet I found this website :   What Bird? Yellow-throated vireo page
Using the “bird expert” functions, I was able to start by STATE within the USA,  and then bird BODY type, and then main COLOR of the bird. The app helped me identify probable candidates. I then went online to check out the chittering part of the song in hopes that it would nail down the identification. Apparently the scolding ‘rattle call’ is the male defending his territory. – Yellow-Throated Vireo ‘Rattle call’
The birds chasing around my trees were yellow-throated vireo.
According to, ‘Male defends nesting territory by singing incessantly.’

The app is available for iPad and iPhone at the app Store . I hope that they make an Android version. I found the app easy to use and it helped me to identify the birds battling for my trees.

Take the time to learn what birds inhabit your backyard.


Find something Beautiful in each Day

A wise person once said, “Find something beautiful in every day.”
This sentiment has been good advice through good times and bad.

I’ve been trying to get pictures of the flowers here at the cabin. I missed the window to capture the lilacs. This week the Sweet Pea are blooming. Between rainstorms, I was able to grab some pictures of the bumblebees.

I don’t have a high speed camera, so I was very lucky to get a few great shots.