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Cabin Country – Lost and Found

The sweet peas are in bloom as are the yellow iris.
I was sad to see that the cat bird nest in the lilacs has no resident and is falling apart and looks like a bunch of twigs. I will miss the MEOW call.
Remnant of the Cat Bird nest

It’s a year of losses.
Last May a neighbor died, and their home was sold in the fall. The home next door was also sold.

Yellow Iris and Sweet Pea bushes
The furnace wasn’t working when we arrived and the backup wall heater saved the day, as there were no broken pipes, just a 60 degree basement.
Now that I have the mowing and twigs under control, I plan to check the igniter next week. Last year we secured the furnace roof vent, so I’m not expecting to find any dead bats down the flue this year.

I spent most of the day outside, mowing and pulling an invasive weed. I can’t spray to kill all weeds or 90% of the lawn would die. This weed doesn’t play nice and completely takes over and kills the grass and other plants if allowed to spread.
For now I will even be happy with creeping Charlie in the lawn.

It was a cool and windy day. It was nice to be outside as opposed to the office, where my desk is 2 floors underground and the air is stale by 3PM.
In the afternoon as the clouds rolled in, I decided to take a walk and snap some current pictures from around the house and lakeshore.

Lakeside Ferns

On my walk I found a unique rock. The area had been a Native American burial ground. In the 1940’s all the graves were excavated. I believe that this is a stone skinning tool. It has a sharp edge and fits nicely in your hand. All other rocks found around the lake are rounded river rock and glacial debris.

Stone Skinning Tool

Have a good week!