Author, Artist and Technology Geek.
That describes me.
I’ve worked with computers since the times when you used a teletype and paper tape to write programs. Platforms I’ve worked on have gone from mainframe to server-side and back to a web app that feeds into a mainframe. I’ve worked at airlines and banks, companies that have hundreds of programmers, and those that had fewer than four. I worked crazy hours at a DOT-COM, and loved it.

The TECH side has paid the bills and given me a great career.
Now it’s time to let my creative side out to play.

I’ve dabbled in drawing and watercolors, creating cards and gifts for friends.
I also love photography.

Currently there are several stories in the works as well as a completed novel that I co-wrote. The unpublished book is a lost history novel about Ancient Egypt.

In the past, I’ve kept a low profile on the Internet.
It’s time to manage what folks find when they “Google” my name.
I’m hoping that this blog can bridge the two sides of my world.


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Musings of an Author, Artist and Technology Geek

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